Thursday, December 03, 2009

Going Commercial

Today, 3 December, is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (designated by the UN). In the past, on rare occasions when I tried to imagine what it would be like to be disabled, I would imagine myself in a wheelchair or maybe blind, and wondering how I would cope. I wondered if I would be brave and work hard to overcome all obstacles like some amazing disabled athletes or scholars manage to do. What I never - ever - imagined was invisible disability; the type of disability that others cannot see and thus leads them to think that maybe you're 'putting it on' without stopping to consider what you might lose - rather than gain - by such an action. I have lost my job, my income, my social life, my freedom of movement, the ability to enjoy a long walk, and even the ability to enjoy a chat with friends. I have been refused insurance payments that were rightfully mine; where I live now I am not eligible for welfare payments of any kind, and the cost of living is so high where I might be given welfare that moving would be pointless. I am struggling to find a way to make a living with the one or two hours a day when my brain might be said to function. Hence my decision to give in and have advertising on my blog. I don't expect more than a few pennies a week - but it's a start. I don't like some of the advertising, but I'm not sure how much choice I have over that. I apologize in advance to anyone who is offended by any of the adverts.

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