Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Gift Challenge

Are you looking for Christmas gifts for people in your life who already have everything they need? A really great idea that has been catching on more and more in recent years is to give a gift that gives twice or even several times!

Giving a gift through one of the programs that provides a goat or a cow or school fees or even the gift of sight can change the life of a young person in more ways than one. How does it work? You go to the web site of the charity you would like to support; choose the gift; your relative or friend will receive a card with a message from you with details of the gift; a child who really needs help will receive the gift.

These days it can be difficult to decide which organizations to support, and which ones are reliable. I've put together a list, with links, to ten organizations which I either have direct experience of, or I know enough about them to feel confident in recommending them based on over ten years experience working in international development.

I've published this list with additional information over on HubPages as that way I hope it will get more exposure. I hope you'll take a minute to 'migrate' over to:

Have fun shopping!

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