Monday, August 17, 2009

Cat Companions

My two cats, Fynn and Rushdie, have totally different characters. Fynn, the younger one, is totally a morning kinda guy. Up at the crack of dawn, meowing outside my bedroom door, he can't wait to get out into the garden below and start enjoying the day. Rushdie doesn't do mornings. She ignores Fynn, ignores me. Highly communicative, affectionate and lively later in the day, the early morning finds her still dozy on her favourite armchair.

Early morning yawn from Rushdie.

Fynn chasing the laundry.

Good Companions


Leslie said...

Hi Nicky! I am out here reading, you know, and glad you are writing again.

I liked seeing your cats. We also have two cats who have very distinct personalities. One likes to go in the shower when my 5-year-old daughter is bathing (isn't that odd for a cat?). The other always, always shows up just in time to hear the bedtime stories.

Isn't it nice having cats around?


Zapasiewicz said...

I found out today that my cat died last week... my family didn't inform me about it because they knew it would be depressing for me. He had various incurable diseases... The most terryfying thing about this is that the vet had to put him to sleep (dunno the English word for it), so they had to make a decision for the cat to die... very sad situation... my hands shake in horror as I'm writing this... :(