Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yesterday I took the train to the eastern side of the Netherlands, to Enschede, near the border with Germany, to visit my friends Rini and Walter - my former neighbours in Butare. Rini cooked some great Indonesian food, and we spent the afternoon catching up on stories about Rwanda. Their house is close to the centre of the town, and as we walked from the station I took photos of a couple of churches and other interesting items.

This is me with Hein (a Dutch student who was doing research in Rwanda last year), Rini and Walter.

I was fascinated by this old church tower which is obviously much older than the church it's attached to.

This was another fascinating church - I've never seen one that looked like this before - especially those amazing enormous round windows. Hope I'll be able to return one day and look inside.

The town theatre had lots of interesting characters clambering around the building!

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Sharon Joy Ennis said...

Hi Nicky! I just saw Ann yesterday at the warm ponds-Friday Art Day & and we talked about you so thot I'd check your Blog and see for myself! I am most excited about your adventures and enjoy reading about them. Things are going well here: do have to move at end of year but lots of time left. Snuggles is getting a bit strange in his old age....still quite a love though. So hi and hugs from both of us. (ooo susan has a boyfriend; do you know this?)