Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The weather here is a bit too cold for my liking, but the food is great! This is a wonderfully walk-able city, and the hotel is an interesting and pleasant 30 minute walk from the office. Sidewalks, roads, and bike paths tend to blend into each other and I'm constantly jumping out of the way of impatient cyclists. The old buildings lining the canals are full of character, each one a little different from the next, some leaning or crooked, some narrow, some wide and impressive.

The office is in one of these beautiful old canal-side buildings, open-plan inside, lots of light, very friendly. Dogs come with their owners to the office, cappucino and macchiato available (and very good) any time at the press of a button, and tubs of Ben and Jerry's "Peace of Cake" ice-cream also on offer! Large photographs of the children we work with, and campaign posters everywhere. Staff are remarkably helpful and friendly. A spare desk with internet access quickly provided for use when not in an orientation session. I'm busy most of the time - information sessions about policies and procedures, methodology training, health tests, and a three-day residential security training program coming up Thursday through Saturday which will include scenarios on dealing with weapons, aggression, and hostage-taking. Not that I expect any of that to happen, but being prepared is what it's all about!!

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