Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm posting a comment written by someone else today because I couldn't find a way to say it any better myself - and the more I allow the reality of what this means to sink in, the more stunned I am. People with ME in the UK have literally been sacrificed by those who have more power - and they have enough power to ensure that the way in which their decisions have been made are to be kept secret from the public. OK, here's the post by Andrea Pring; more from me below. 

"M.E. is all over the news today. So glad to see that the subject matter is being given the serious reporting it deserves. However, instead of discussing the niceties and legalities of assisted suicide, what they should be asking is why a young woman was allowed to lie and rot in that bed for17 years with no proper medical care. Perhaps now the country will see how medically neglected sufferers of M.E. are. The psychiatric element has claimed this illness for their own vested interests and as such those who are suspected of having the illness in the UK are DELIBERATELY given inappropriate testing and treatment. Doctors are advised NOT to test for the very things that will show the biological damage that exists. Damage to the heart, brain, spine and nervous system. A simple tilt table test would show how our heart and circulation is impaired but this is one of the very tests doctors are advised NOT to administer.

The corruption goes very deep so deep that in fact there are secret MRC files on M.E. held at the UK Government National Archives at Kew. These files contain records and correspondence dating back to at least 1988 (which is the period when M.E was given psychiatric status in the UK, despite the fact that it was and is classified by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) as a NEUROLOGICAL disesase and has been seen as a distinct illness since the 1930's). Initally closed until 2023, this period has now been extended to 2071. The normal closure period is 30 years. Curious?"

You can find the original post here:

The records that have been closed to public view can be found here:

The file is: 

FD 23/4553   Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)/postviral fatigue syndrome (PFS) : papers and journal articles; correspondence and enquiries with MRC replies

.... and these files have been closed until 2071. Why? Who are they trying to protect? What is going on here? Why is it in the public interest to close these files? I would like to encourage anyone reading this who lives in the UK to contact their MP and the national press about this. 

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