Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's for Dinner?

When you spend as much time as I do taking power naps on the sofa, there's not much time left over for less exciting activities such as cooking and doing the dishes. When my blood pressure is having a good day and I can keep myself vertical for at least an hour at a time, then I cook a big pot of something satisfying, with plenty of protein and a garden full of fresh vegetables that take half an hour to chop up. This will last for a couple of days. But there are in-between days when the pot is empty, and having a snooze is a more attractive proposition than doing either the washing up or cooking. Unfortunately my appetite hasn't noticed that I'm expending less energy and still makes urgent demands on my attention.

At around 1 pm today I wandered into the kitchen and realized that the pile of dirty cookware and utensils left me few options for lunch. I resorted to my emergency tuna fish salad: quickly washing my one good chopping knife and retrieving the only clean board left out of three, I chopped up half a small red onion, a couple of tomatoes, and a third of a yellow pepper. On top of these I emptied a small tin of tuna fish in olive oil, a generous sprinkling of pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds, and then a spoonful or so of capers. When I remember I add some nori flakes - but I forgot those today. Lunch ready in about ten minutes.

Do you have any quick and healthy meals to share? Healthy for me means no bread, no fruit mixed with vegetables, no preservatives.

Now, what's for dinner?!

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Aylwin said...

Hi Dear , my go-to quick meal of desperation lately is a bowl of brown rice noodles (I get the organic spirals)cooked with any veg I like, mixed with some avocado mushed with some hummous if I have it or just lemon juice,& some goat feta &/or tinned Sockeye salmon. 1 pot, 1 bowl, 1 fork & 1 spoon, 10 minutes. There! xox Aylwin