Monday, September 14, 2009

Picking up... cooling down.

After my 'crash' two weeks ago I'm gradually picking up again - I won't say "returning to normal", as there is no "normal" for me any longer. At least I'm not spending all day on the sofa (just a couple of hours), and I've been able to go out for a walk along the sea-front again.

Evening walk along the Qawra sea-front.

This morning I was browsing the "Life as we know it" blog and found this link to an "open letter to those without invisible disability or chronic illness" which I think is worth sharing:

Tourists are still here in abundance, enjoying breakfasts in the open and lining up for the buses; the locals are still parading on the sea-front on cool Sunday evenings - I know, because I can see them from the roof of my flat. But we've had a few short rain storms, the wind is up, and temperatures are dropping rapidly. I call it the start of the rainy season; 'autumn' or 'fall' doesn't quite fit here, as there are no leaves turning yellow, and this is the season when farmers begin putting compost on the fields in preparation for planting.

Another Qawra sunset photo!

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