Saturday, January 12, 2008

Visit Kenya!

Fabulous never-ending palm-fringed white sand beaches, the bluest of oceans, scrumptious sea-food, friendly and efficient hotel staff: just a few reasons to visit Kenya! And that's just the coast...there are the famous safaris too! The animals are lonely without you; you are missing experiences of a life time by not coming. My wonderful stay at the Shaanti Holistic Health Retreat ( more details and photos to follow!) was extended by a few welcome days, courtesy of the Nairobi and Mombasa demonstrators. Kenya is safe for tourists - no visitors were ever in any difficulties or dangers during the recent problems. Kenyans welcome tourists and many rely on tourists for their livelihoods. Tourists who cancel their trips are missing out on all that Kenya has to offer - it is their loss! I was treated so well by everybody during my recent stay - especially the hotel management and staff and Kenya Airways - that I sincerely hope that the tourists will soon return to this wonderful country. Do not let political problems distract you - they do not affect the visitors. But your absence does affect the lives of many!

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iin said...

Hi Nicky!
Great to hear from you again. I trust that this message finds you in good health. Hope you are fine, save for the post election disturbances that Kenya experienced. Bye and best regards,
Yulia (Indonesia)
MADS 02/03