Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Last Post for 2007

To rejeuvenate body and soul come here to Shaanti! I was going to write a lot more about how fabulous it is here, but events have taken over. Post-election violence has affected cities and towns across Kenya, due to allegations of vote-rigging and heavy disappointment at the apparent re-election of Kibaki. The main contender, Raila Odinga, is believed by many to be the true winner of the election. Here on the beach (my room is just yards from the Indian Ocean) we are only marginally touched by events, with a few guests unable to leave when planned, and others unable to arrive. For more details of the news the BBC and CNN websites carry full reports.

We are having a sea-food feast here this evening, all the guests together, but it will be a muted event. Many Kenyans will not be celebrating; too many have been killed; too many affected by the violence, burning and looting that has been taking place. Kenya has so much going for it: a beautiful country with a thriving tourist industry and much to offer, increasing commercial agriculture, increasing industry, a large number of well-educated people, and a strong desire for peace.

Wishing you all peace for 2008.

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Paradise Driver said...

The History Channel had an excellent s\how about the child warriors of Africa. Maybe it will garner a little attention about the real world.

Probably not though. The media is more interested in Britney's 16-year old sister, Jamie Lynn, being pregnant.

Happy New Year, Nicky!