Wednesday, December 14, 2005

These are impala in Akagera Park, in the eastern side of Rwanda on the border with Tanzania. The burnt grass is due to a large fire that burned for a couple of days the weekend I was there together with a group of colleagues last July (more details below). It's worth clicking on all the photos to get a better view! In the park we saw a good variety of animals, including hippopotamus, african buffalo, baboons, vervet monkeys, zebra, topi (aka tsessebe), and eland. There are three national parks in Rwanda, the other two being Volcanoes National Park (known for the gorillas) and Nyungwe Forest (known for Colobus monkeys and many other animals and birds).


eddie reiss said...

hey nicky! eddie reiss here!

youve taken some great photos! i have just had a quick scan through the first paragraph and the photos.

when are you coming back to see us again?!?

from eddie....

Niamh said...

hi nicky,

love the site and the photos. i miss africa... happy christmas... good luck with the job hunt... come to ireland!!!