Monday, October 24, 2011

Going Private (nothing to do with health care!)

To all regular readers of this blog - I've decided, with reluctance and after much thought, to "hide" this blog and make it available only to pre-approved people with a password.

In the past, as I've written about my own health situation and the politics surrounding Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, I never expected my health to improve to the extent that I would work again. I'm now well enough to begin looking for part-time work. Unfortunately I'm in a country and an economic climate where discrimination of all kinds appears to be rife. Here in Australia I've been advised by many that I will face discrimination for having no local work experience, no local qualifications, for my age, for having been out of the work force for several years... all of this on top of having been diagnosed with an illness that still goes unrecognized and derided by the majority of health professionals. Thus I've decided not to prejudice my job hunt any further - any intelligent recruiter these days will look me up on the internet and find this blog without difficulty.

If you would like to have access to this blog in the future, please leave a comment below with your email address, or write me directly on:, and I'll send you the password (as soon as I've thought one up!).


Samuel Wales said...

When you are able to, it would be great to get a summary of what you did and what you think helped most.

I see that you met CCC. Do you meet ICC also?

Thanks for telling us how you are doing.

cinderkeys said...

susan (at)

Other commenters: It's best to format your address like I did so that spambots can't pick them up and send you stuff.

Nicky: Congratulations on recovering enough for part-time work!

Nicky Reiss said...

Thanks, Susan! I always wondered why people wrote their email address like that - guess I'm just a bit slow at learning :-0

Nicky Reiss said...

Hi Samuel,

In general I followed a lot of the advice written by Jodi Basset in "ME - The Basics" ( However the real key for me was getting correctly diagnosed with fructose intolerance via hydrogen breath testing, and following a really strict diet after that (see my post about the diet in April). I'm also being treated by Dr Donald Lewis here in Melbourne - a combination of supplements, probiotics, and antibiotics. I still have some symptoms, just nowhere near as bad or as limiting as before. I've not taken a really close look at the ICC yet - but yes, I clearly met the CCC criteria.

Like many others, it seems obvious to me that there is no single disease involved here - I'm just incredibly lucky that diet has made such a big difference for me; I've heard that it hasn't made any difference for others.

onirical said...

oniricale (at)

Great to hear you are doing so well, very positive results and quite rapidly.
As sad as it is that you have to make this blog private, (it has great info/links and stories about your exp in Rwanda) I think it is wise. I blog under a pseudonym for similar reasons. All the best and look forward to hear more about your improvements.