Monday, July 11, 2011

Lyme Disease

I'm re-posting a post from Facebook because so many people with ME ("CFS") actually have something else, and very often that "something else" is Lyme Disease. Here's the post:

"I was dx'd with ME/CFS for 17 years before finding out I had Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia last November. Since being on treatment for the last 7 months, my life is returning! I am getting my life back after 17 years. My passion now is to ask all of my ME/CFS friends to consider getting retested for Lyme Disease. Even if you had tests and they were negative (mine was three times from 1993-2004), and/or even if you cannot recall being bit by a tick, or think you cant have it because you don't live in a "Lyme" state.

The usual test given (the ELISA test) to test for Lyme is 50-59% wrong Always. You need to get a western blot test at a reputable Lyme lab to accurately test you. I can help you with this with resource on Push Pin Angels.

This is my story that starts when I first found out I was Lyme positive till this week. I pray you all consider getting re-tested. There is a page on the web site above entitled "first things first..." that describes the process of getting retested, and answers your immediate questions.

Remember that Dr. Mikovits reported that of the ME/CFS patients she tested for XMRV, 40% had Lyme as well. And there are two other studies now reporting that so many ME/CFS sufferers are testing positive for Lyme.

Please consider getting retested? Thank you for reading this!"

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Keena said...

I was never tested for Lyme, but will ask my dr about it. If I could get just half my energy back, I'd be happy.