Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vic Market

I'm off to the Queen Victoria Market tomorrow morning. A trip to the market used to be a priority on any Melbourne visit. When I arrived back early last November I couldn't imagine ever having the strength to get to the market again. It involves a short walk (10 - 15 minutes) to the local train station, a shorter walk (5 mins) from Flinders Street station to the tram, and then a quick hop from the tram into the market - and then the hubub and size of the market itself. I used to wander around for hours, the Sunday morning extended version with entertainment being a special treat. But tomorrow will be a well-planned affair. Arrive at 10:30 am, a brief visit to the food hall (a mecca for foodies!) and then out to the 'shed' to look for a pair of sheepskin boots to keep my tootsies warm over winter. Leave by noon. Back home by 1 pm, lunch (cooked in advance), and ready to lie down before I turn into a pumpkin at 2 pm. No plans whatsoever for Friday - recovery time.

My disgust at how people with M.E. continue to be treated by those in authority in the U.K. is so deep that I am left without words. Fortunately others are not so bereft. One of my favourite bloggers is Nasim Marie Jaffry and you can read what she has to say about the editor of The Lancet here.

And for those of you who have a few pennies to spare (even one pound or one dollar a month will be put to good use) I urge you to join the Count Me in Campaign to raise funds for research into neuro-immune disease at the Whittemore Peterson Institute. Thank you.


Carolyn said...

I remember those days when I could indulge in effortless extended retail therapy! Hope you have a great time :)

nmj said...

What a beautiful market, I looked at the photos, some fine food indeed! Hope you got your sheepskin boots, funny that our seasons are opposite, we are just welcoming spring/summer here... Yes, situ is indeed dire in UK for ME at moment - thanks for link (and can I be an utter pedant and say I am only one F in JAFRY!).

Nicky Reiss said...

I had a most enjoyable morning in the market - and bought perfect sheepskin boots that I'm wearing right now!
nmj - Apologies! I did look - on your blog, on Google, but my ME brain didn't do a good enough job. People often pronounce my name wrong (it's "rice" not "reese") so I understand your frustration.