Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Professor Malcolm Hooper takes on the Establishment!

Professor Malcolm Hooper is one of a very small number of the fully-abled willing to take on the establishment in the UK with regards to ME.

Here's the letter he wrote to Sir Michael Rawlins: http://www.meactionuk.org.uk/Hooper-signed-letter-to-Rawlins.htm  (Rawlins is chairman of the National Institute of Health & Clinical Excellence NICE in the UK)

Here's the formal complaint he sent to Lord Drayson, minister of state with responsibility for the Medical Research Council: http://www.meactionuk.org.uk/magical-medicine.htm

Here's his report on ME: http://www.meactionuk.org.uk/magical-medicine.pdf  Read this if you would like to understand what all the fuss is about!

This report will serve as a reference tool for doctors and people with ME for years to come. Thank you, Professor Hooper, for all you've done.

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janiejynx said...

This man really fights for us. Without people like him, people like us would have so much less hope!