Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I'm in the process of moving to a new flat. The work of moving is being spread out over a week so that I have plenty of time to rest and recover in the afternoons, following mornings moving possessions, getting them sorted and put away, and the old flat cleaned. Three more days to go. Unfortunately, even with my precautions, I'm still getting stressed. I lie down in the afternoon but don't fall asleep - or if I do, just for a few minutes and then I'm awake again - and when I get up again I feel just as dizzy, tense and anxious as before. The water delivery guys found the new flat without difficulty. The internet company is another matter. Even though I filled out the correct forms a couple of weeks ago to transfer my connection to the new flat, it still hasn't happened. I've called the Go office twice, talked to four different people, and still can't find anyone who seems to know what's going on - or rather, not going on, with my connection. At the moment I'm still connected at the old flat, but it's looking increasingly obvious that I'll be without a connection once I finally move in tomorrow. Grrr! I shall ask them for a rebate on my bill. Wish I could ask for compensation for all the stress they are causing me.

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greenwords said...

Good luck with the big move, it's always such a nightmare. Hope they get your internet sorted and everything goes smoothly.