Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Four Quid!

Once in a while someone asks "when are they going to find a cure for ME?!" - well, the cure won't be found without bio-medical research, and the research won't get done without funding. So there's a big campaign going on in the UK right now to raise funds for research. Details about how to make a donation can be found at: http://justfourquid.com/

The idea is that if each person in the UK estimated to have ME (a quarter of a million people) were to give four pounds towards research, then a million pounds would be raised. If you know someone with a UK bank account, or you have friends in the UK who might consider donating four quid towards research, then please send this message on to them, and ask them to keep sending it on to others! All we need is for 250,000 people to give four quid each!

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