Thursday, February 05, 2009

Going Shopping

If a trip to the supermarket leaves you exhausted, then you've got M.E. If you're looking for a place to sit and rest while you're wandering the aisles, then you've got M.E. If you feel like you're going to faint at any moment while standing in the check-out line, then you've got M.E. If the muzak makes you feel like hammers are raining down on your head, you've got M.E. (or maybe a migraine). If your brain goes fuzzy, your shopping list gets blurry and seems increasingly pointless, then you've got M.E. And after a trip to the supermarket you need to rest for the remainder of the day before unpacking and putting away the groceries, then you've got M.E.

And if you've got M.E. then you might want to get your hands on: "Recovery from CFS: 50 personal stories" compiled and edited by Alexandra Barton. Some of the contributors were diagnosed with M.E. and some with CFS, so the recovery stories are varied but all are interesting.


Tamara Lovell said...

Please tell me that in all your medical investigations you saw a doctor that specializes in tropical medicine? You seem to be getting worse, and I worry about you!

jenny said...


My heart feels for you. Do you have people around you who are taking care of you/looking out for you? In my humble opinion, you need that even more than meditation, which, of course, in and of itself, is beneficial to your overall well-being.

Hang in there. I am sending you a thousand wishes for more and more good days.