Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blogging en Afrique!

When I have the time, I really enjoy reading blogs by other people working in Africa. I've added a few of them to my Links list (right hand side of the screen). A terrifically well written and amusing article on mobile phones in this part of the world can be found at Reality Check. The author, Barry, is a colleague who does consulting work for War Child Canada. On the Kivu Express, written by my friend Pierre who just arrived here from Montreal a couple of weeks ago, you'll find an interesting and informative description of Bukavu - there are more photos, too! Two of my favourite blogs are Breaking Hearts in the Heart of Darkness and Conrad's Ex-Girlfriend, both written by a young American woman who manages to be very funny when writing about all the craziness that goes on out here. Happy reading!

1 comment:

Paradise Driver said...

Looks like your internet connection is a bit more stable.

Thanks for all the recent pics.

Sounds like you are located in or along the "rift valley" where Africa is dividing itself into two parts.

Its always wonderful to check my news reader and find a new post from you.

BTW - You are very pretty.