Monday, October 24, 2005

Another Monday!

Thanks to the fact that I don't have internet access from home at the moment (well, haven't had for some time now!!), and in any case, I was off enjoying myself in Kigali over the weekend, posting up all my Gisenyi photos could stretch to cover a few weeks at this rate! Today I'm posting another one from the civil marriage ceremonies - three older women, who are attired in a manner that is typical for ceremonies, with a piece of cloth (often white, but doesn't have to be) draped across the body and tied at one shoulder. They must have seen a great deal during their lives in this region of Africa....
Am happy to report that after eight days without power at the house (thanks to a power-greedy welding machine brought in to mend the gate that was about to drop off its hinges), the electricity was restored last Friday (eight days with no hot water, no fridge...). The fridge, however, isn't happy and isn't keeping anything very cold, so yet one more item to be repaired. The problem with power and fridges is probably a strong contributing factor in the many food poisoning cases here. I enjoyed two good meals out over the weekend - now I'm waiting to see if I ate more than I intended, like the last time I was in Kigali!

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